Asheville Paragon OTFs

We just got a few OTFs in, so I thought I’d take a minute to highlight them for you. But first, take a look:

asheville-steel-paragon-oft-para-xd-s2x-p-d-pewter-black-serr asheville-steel-paragon-oft-para-xd-s2x-ng-black-satin-serr asheville-steel-paragon-oft-para-xd-s-2xl-r-r-black-serr asheville-steel-paragon-oft-para-x-sp-dam-red

These OTFs are single action, so they fire really well. As I mentioned in an earlier post, because they are single action, these OTFs will generally be more reliable than double action OTFs. Also, they are often (but not always) a little less expensive than OTFs that are made by Microtech.That being said, we typically don’t get many people returning  Asheville OTFs, which is always a good sign; it means people are satisfied with them and don’t have many problems with them, either.

If you don’t have any OTFs from Paragon, try one out! They offer good quality and would make a great addition to any knife collection. Check them out at Blade HQ.





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