Anatomy of an Out The Front Knife

Anatomy of an Out The Front Knife

Out The Front knives are similar to automatic knives in many ways; they are opened by pushing a thumb slide or pulling a lever, but with an OTF knife the blade always deploys out the front of the handle—not the side, like automatic knives. OTF knives are restricted in many areas so be certain to consult your local laws before purchasing these items.

Anatomy of an Out The Front KnifeAn infographic by the team at Blade HQ


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Anatomy of an Out The Front Knife — 2 Comments

  1. I cant wait until I get my own DAOTF knife. I have big plans for them and im trying to find ones that are close to 4″ or more. I know you are like why tf does he need 4″. Its for a project.

  2. otf” s could have a lock bar opposite slide for tighter lock up this is of course a patentenable improvement. and would make them even tougher

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