Red Microtech Troodon



It’s been a while, but the red Troodons are back in stock at Blade HQ!

It seems that blade-deployment speed is typically the focus for OTF knives—as it should be—but comfort and practicality are often overlooked. Microtech, however, has managed to capture functionality, comfort, and practicality all in one OTF: the Troodon. To describe all of this as “impressive” would be an understatement.

The Troodon is named after the Troodon dinosaur, which had long legs and is suspected to have been a quick runner, and particularly intelligent. I have to say, this knife lives up to its name in every way. These have really smooth trigger action that we’ve all come to know and love in Microtech knives and the blade deploys very smoothly. This knife is also very carry-friendly; it totals about 4.5 inches closed, so it fits nicely in your pocket for everyday carry without being obtrusive. If you are using this blade for everyday carry, it will be easy to use, too; Microtech added some really nice gripping on the handle that makes the knife easy to hold on to and to control.

All in all, this really is a top-notch, high quality knife. Get yours at


Red Microtech Troodon — 2 Comments

  1. Can you tell me what improvements have been made to the Troodon’s firing mechanism, components, etc.

    I read that MT has made some design changes for the better on this knife but did not go into detail as to what they are.
    And, the firing design is different than the Ultrtech.


    • Kingston,
      They made some small improvements so that the mechanism doesn’t fail, but we don’t know the specifics about all of the changes. Sorry we don’t have more info for you! Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if you have any more questions!

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