OTF Knives: Speed Test

If you haven’t visited the Blade HQ YouTube channel, KnifeHQ, you’ve got to check it out! Our YouTube guys do all sorts of awesome field tests, bug-out videos, interviews with top-notch knife makers, and more. One of their recent videos that I thought you all might be interested in was a speed test between a selection of automatic and OTF knives. I was surprised by some of the results. Take a look at this video to see how the OTFs fared.



So to recap, here are the OTF knives that were tested in order of fastest to slowest.


1. H&K Tumult (fastest overall)


2. Piranha Excalibur



3. Microtech Scarab Executive




4. Smith & Wesson SWOTF2

5. Lightning

6. Benchmade Infidel



7. Asheville Steel Paragon Para-XD

8. Schrade Viper




Were you surprised by any of the results? I know I sure was. It just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to pay top dollar to  get top-notch action.

Which OTF surprised you the most in these speed tests? Which OTF will you be buying next?


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