Microtech Halo Knives

The Microtech Halo series has to have some of the coolest OTFs around. There’s the regular version of the Halo, but there’s also the Giant Halo and a Mini Halo (the mini version is discontinued). It’s pretty cool to see the difference in size between the three models, so I wanted to share them with you. Take a look at this clip of the blades. It actually came from the Blade HQ Instagram account. (If you’re not already following us on Instagram, start today!)

Which size do you like best?

The Giant Halo totals 32.25 inches in length when open (5 times bigger than the original Halo V). The blade itself is 13.75 inches long, and it weighs 9 pounds and 11.20 ounces. As you might guess with a knife of this size, it has single action, not double. It’s a pretty remarkable blade, and a great item to add to any knife collection, without a doubt.

Check out the Halo series at Blade HQ!


Microtech Halo Knives — 2 Comments

  1. Really Pretty knife ! It has single action and amazing blades.These knives can seen more as a precision made tool utilizing powerful springs and high grade bushings as opposed to a cheap import.

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